The best bacalhau cod recipes I tried in Portugal

The Portuguese say that there is a bacalhau (dried cod) recipe for every day of the year. And in fact they are the biggest cod eaters in the world by far. In 10 days in Portugal I tried 15 recipes, let’s see them:

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#15 Bolinho de bacalahu

I expected more from the croquette, as I ate some very good ones in Spain. This one’s filling was dry and the coating was not so good.

Time Out Market, Lisbon
€. 1,80

#14 Açorda con bacalhau

Typical dish of Alantejo: it is a very garlicky coriander soup in which bread is soaked and cod, fried egg (at home they usually poach them) and raw green pepper are added. I wouldn’t take it again. Portion enough for two.

S. Luis da praça, Évora
€. 14

#13 Bacalahu cozido com grão de bico

Boiled cod with chickpeas, boiled potatoes, hard-boiled egg, carrots and cabbage (aside minced onion, garlic and parsley). It reminded me of the cod my grandmother used to make in Lunigiana for Christmas Eve. But it was nothing special.

Bacalhau, Lisbon
€. 13,50

#12 Bacalhau podre

The description says that the cod is “rotten in the cellar”. It was actually just a little tastier. But I didn’t understand why the restaurant where I tried it is so famous. Stewed cod in tomato and bell pepper sauce, with potatoes and, aside, stewed cabbage and carrots. The half portion is generous.

O Cortiço, Viseu
€. 20,50 (1/2 portion)

#11 Pastel de bacalhau

This chain specializes in cod croquettes which you can only have in two flavors, with or without Serra da Estrela sheep cheese. The cheese is good and gives character to the cod which is dry, while the coating again is not convincing (you can taste the floury breadcrumbs). Recommended pairing with Porto.

Casa Portuguesa do Pastel de Bacalhau, Lisbon
€. 5

#10 Bacalhau Narcisa

Fried cod – typical of Algarve – with onion and peppers stirred in abundant olive oil and accompanied by fried potatoes. Good but a little too greasy.

A Bacalora, Portimāo
€. 16,95

#9 Bacalhau con natas

A classic homey comfort food. Grated cod with béchamel, finely chopped potatoes topped with melting cheese and a sprinkling of oregano.

O Catraio, Albufeira
€. 9

#8 Bacalhau Mercador

If you are near Tomar (perhaps visiting the wonderful Convent of Christ), this medieval themed restaurant is worth a visit. The dish is a variant served inside a loaf: cod cooked in milk with goat cheese and pumpkin. I didn’t distinguish the flavors very much but overall it was very good, as was the durum wheat loaf that I also ate.

Taverna antiqua, Tomar
€. 14

#7 Bacalahu à Gomes Sá

Typical Porto dish, it looks like a potato and cod pie, with a crispy crust outside – covered in shredded hard-boiled egg. Good accompanied by a red port. In this restaurant you should try the Porto style tripes.

A Badia do Porto, Porto
€. 13

So far, the Portuguese cod dishes didn’t impressed me, the portions were generous, but in the end no one made me say wow. But I would gladly eat again the following ones.

#6 Pataniscas de bacalhau

Cod and onion fritters. I could eat tons of them.

A casa do Bacalhau, Lisbon
€. 12

#5 Bacalhau espiritual

Easter recipe with parsley, egg, cream, bechamel and mashed potatoes au gratin. A great flavor and very nutritious. It comes with salad, radishes and tomatoes.

A casa do Bacalhau, Lisbon
€. 18

#4 Patè de bacalhau

Crazy enough this wasn’t a dish but an appetizer coming with the bread, together with butter and olive oil. But I have never eaten such good creamed cod!

A casa do Bacalhau, Lisbon
€. 3

#3 Bacalhau assado com purè de grao e tomate seco

Lisbon’s Time Out Market is the place to be to try best dishes in Lisbon. Among these, chef Enrique Sà Pessoa‘s roasted and lightly grilled cod, with chickpea cream with garlic & rosemary oil and semi-dried tomatoes. It was amazing.

Time Out Market – Enrique Sà Pessoa, Lisbona
€. 13,50

#2 e #1 Bacalhau à Bras

Probably the bacalhau recipe the Portugueses love the most, it won me over at the first bite. It was the first and last recipeb I tried. From a chef from Lisbon and a small restaurant in the province. Always Delicious. The shredded cod is stir fried with onions, then mixed with eggs, olives and french fries. The mix of flavors is unbelievable.

Chef Miguel Castro e Silva‘s version had great crunchiness from the fries and sourness from the green olives, while in Sines it was slightly softer with very small potatoes and black olives. You can’t miss it if you go to Portugal.

Restaurante Alameda, Sines 10,50€
Time Out Market – Castro e Silva, Lisbon 12,80€

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