25 food and drink I had in Iran

Iranian cuisine is less well known than that of other Middle Eastern countries, but it deserves to be tried. I’ll tell you everithing about it in this post. Versione in italiano Iran is a large country that, thanks to its 4 climate areas, is rich in agricultural products. In addition to saffron and pistachio, for […]

The 6 best dishes I had in Georgia

For my first trip to the Caucasus, I chose to visit Georgia, attracted by the fame of its cuisine. Here are my suggestions to enjoy it at best. Versione in Italiano 4 things you should know before eating in Georgia, based on my own experience: 1. You eat well and cheap In Georgia you can […]

3 must try foods in Philadelphia

A traditional snack, an iconic sandwich and today’s coolest mashup. Three reasons to eat your way in Philadelphia. Versione in italiano Philly is an interesting city one of the richest in history around North America. The declaration of independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain was signed here on the 4th July 1776. Those words […]

Chasing dead bodies in Toraja

My adventure with menhirs, boat-shaped houses, breathtaking landscapes, banquets and selfies at a funeral… and chasing dead bodies in houses! Versione in italiano Toraja is a region of Sulawesi – one of the least touristic islands in Indonesia – with a culture unique in the world, built around the worship of the dead, meaning of the […]

15 best street food SWEETS I had in Southeast Asia

The series on Southeast Asian street food comes to an end. After a feast of noodles, dumplings and BBQs, it’s time to close with some SWEETS! Versione in italiano Pastry in Yehn Minh, Vietnam Truly speaking, when it comes to Asian food desserts don’t come first at your mind. Europe and North America definetely have a stronger pastry-making tradition. Needless to say Western-style […]

Best 6 street BBQ I tried in Southeast Asia

Here comes the third episode on street food in Southeast Asia. After noodles and dumplings it’s time to talk about BBQ. What’s better for an open air meal? Versione in italiano Probably one of the earliest forms of street food in human history was a kind of barbecue. Some wood, some charcoal and some stuff to […]

Best 6 street food DUMPLINGS I had in Southeast Asia

After the first one on noodles, here comes the second episode of Southeast Asia street-food series. It’s the turn of DUMPLINGS, another treat in this part of the world. Versione in italiano What are we talking about? Mainly, I mean all those dishes made with a dough and stuffed. In some cases we are borderline […]

Best 7 street food NOODLES I had in Southeast Asia

After completing my three month journey in Southeast Asia it’s finally time to talk about STREET FOOD, one of the region’s highlights. I had dozens of amazing, delicious dishes, too many for a single post. So this is gonna be a series, starting with NOODLES. Check the bottom of this post to learn the following […]

Street art (& food) in Penang, Malaysia

If there is one thing that excites me when hitting a new town, besides trying street food, it is definitely checking for street art, as I explained in 8 reasons to love street art. When you can combine them, and both of high quality such as in Penang island, well that’s paradise for me. Versione in […]

Hà Giang province: biking in a wonderland

The motorbike tour of Hà Giang province is one of the best experiences I made in all my travels. Stunning landscapes, amazing roads, friendly and authentic people, local folklore and food. Definetely off the touristic trail and close to Chinese border. I can’t stop thanking Marie for proposing it to me and joining me in this […]