And the reason you won’t miss travel (so much)

Hi, I’m Phil! Welcome to The Butterfly Hunter.

This is not an ordinary travel blog. It’s a lot about Inspiration
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Why Inspiration is so important


  • the process that takes place when somebody sees or hears something that causes them to have exciting new ideas or makes them want to create something, especially in art, music or literature
  • a person or thing that is the reason why somebody creates or does something
  • a person or thing that makes you want to be better, more successful, etc.
  • a sudden good idea

Oxford Dictionary

Excitement, new ideas, desire of becoming better… oh YES!
Inspiration: that great feeling when something makes you say “WOW!” 
I love it! Don’t you? 

But how to get inspired and by what?
Well, we are all different, so it depends. And even for the same person it can be different according to the moment. But I see a common pattern. 
In my opinion, Inspiration is very much related to seeing things differently.

Travel and stay home

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” Marcel Proust

No wonder I love traveling. Travel is the greatest way to discover new points of view and therefore being inspired. Just think about Food, Music, Languages, Clothes. Or Beauty. Take a look.


A small clothing shop in Milan giving free dancing lessons!

But I also seek for everyday inspiration. Ideas, creativity, humor, art, paradox, sights, sounds, smells. In a word, unusual perspectives of the usual.
Very often we just don’t pay attention to what is around us. We are in a hurry, distracted or simply assume that everything is familiar, that we “already know”.  So many missed opportunities there!

I have good news for you. Next time you’re back from a great travel experience, don’t be sad. This is the best moment to start looking at home differently.  I promise you will be surprised.

The Butterfly Hunter

kid and camelI love the idea that at anytime, wherever you are, you can get a new inspiration. 
Under the shower, queuing at the supermarket, driving your car… Can we help that? Yes, with the right attitude. Just be open to wonder. Look around you and don’t be too sure of what you will see. It’s easy, kids are masters in this. We just forgot how to do it.
I picture inspirations as colorful butterflies, they can fly around you at any time and fill you with wonder. Open you eyes and soul and look out differently. You will be a butterfly hunter.

Inspirations are colorful butterflies, they can fly around you at any time and fill you with wonder.

The Butterfly Hunter

Spread it around

One key rule you need to understand is that you can’t control inspiration or keep it for yourself. If you do it will die. What’s the point of collecting butterflies in a frame? Inspiration is something you can catch but cannot possess.

floating lanternsThis means you can’t settle down with inspiration. You have to keep it alive, you have to share it! You will soon realize it changes passing from one person to another, becoming new and fresh. It’s like letting go a paper lamp on the river: you can’t say where it will land. But for sure, some new inspiration will come you in return. Share inspiration to get inspiration, I love it!

So, this blog

Here we are at the point. The reason I started this blog is to give my contribution to spread around inspiration. Here at the TheButterflyHunter I will share what inspires me and possibly inspire you.

I’ll tell you stories and about my own experience. I will use images, videos and words. I will show you different perspectives on the world out there.

What you find here:

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A bit more about me

I’IMG_3506m Philippe, an Italian guy with a French name. It happens when your mum’s from Corsica and dad’s from Tuscany. Anyway, you can call me Phil.
40 something, I live in Milan and do marketing for my living. I strongly believe that the best is still to come. I’m a street food lover and like traditional musical instruments (have 8 at home) and local proverbs. And mostly I enjoy meeting people to share new points of views and discovering those everyday life details that give you the flavor of a culture, and humanity as whole.