Travel is the greatest way to discover new points of view and therefore being inspired. Here you find posts on my travels looking for inspiration while fulfilling my 7 challanges around the globe. Learn more on start here page and in this video.

The best of Andalusia in one week

Andalusia is a warm and welcoming region, full of historical masterpieces, good food and wild dancing. Here come my tips to make the most of a week‘s vacation there. Versione in italiano Where to go in one week The must-see places in Andalusia are Seville, Granada and Cordoba. You won’t really have time for more […]

2 weeks in Iran independent (3 of 4: Isfahan, Kashan & Qom)

We move north for the last week of my classic Iran tour.Find the previous stages here: Tehran + Shiraz and Yazd + Verzaneh. Versione in italiano 5. ISFAHAN (2 nights) It took me a few minutes to understand that Isfahan is a rich city. Elegant families were strolled on the pedestrian street near our hotel […]

2 weeks independent in Iran (4 of 4: organisation and cost)

In this last part, I explain some organizational aspects and cost for 2 weeks independent in Iran.Read before all the stages:Tehran + ShirazYazd + VerzanehIsfahan + Kashan + Qom Versione in italiano Transport Read here all about taxi, snapp!, bus, metro and plane.I summarize now the main points:– use the VIP buses to move between the […]

2 weeks independent in Iran (2 of 4: Yazd & Varzaneh)

Our tour of Iran is taking us at the gates of the desert in Yazd.Read the first part here (Tehran & Shiraz) Versione in italiano 3. YAZD (2 nights) I think this is the city that I loved most. I was immediately fascinated by its color recalling the desert it overlooks and by the view on the […]

2 weeks independent in Iran (1 of 4: Tehran & Shiraz)

Iran classic tour from Tehran to Shiraz organized independently. I will tell you where to go, what to see, how to get around and how much you will spend. Here I tell you about useful things to know about Iran and a post about food is coming soon. Versione in italiano Iran – once known as […]

18 things you should know before going to Iran

Iran is an amazing destination, but what you hear from the media about it can scare you not to visit it. Here are some practical information you’d better know before going. Versione in italiano Visa Money Accommodation Transport Telephone & Internet Language Politics Safety Religion Dress code Couples Climate Nightlife Mail Food & Drink Calendar […]

Wonderful vintage cars in Cuba

The old cars from the 50s are so much part of Cuba imaginary that many tourist guides display one on their covers. I confess they were one of the main reasons why I wanted to go there. But I never expected they would be so "alive"!

Versione in Italiano

In my own statistics, about 20-25% of the cars I saw on the island (but in Havana can be almost 50%) are classic American cars (Cadillac, Chevrolet, Bruick, Ford ...) dating before the revolution (1957). And the rest is about Russian Ladas from the '70s,  Polish Fiat 126s from the '80s and French cars from the '90s (and just a few dozens from the 2000s). It must be said that traveling by car is a privilege for Cubans. Apart from hitchhiking - even on the motorway - horses are perhaps the most common mean of transport for the average Cuban, riding, or with small gigs or carriages. As amatter of fact, due to the shameful embargo, Cubans for decades have been forced to adjust to the little they have, a huge injustice. This is an additional reason to respect this people and praise their creativity. For a foreigner, instead, it is the chance to travel back in time.

The best day trip Tbilisi-Kazbegi

Some of Georgia’s top attractions are found between Tbilisi and Kazbegi. Here’s how to see all of them in one day. Versione in italiano Among must-visit places in the country you have: – Mtskheta Cathedral and Jvari Monastery, UNESCO sites nearby Tbilisi – Ananuri fortress, the Gudauri viewpoint and Gergeti church in Kazbegi (also UNESCO site), […]

3 food + 3 music stories in Nashville

Nashville is an amazing city. Its nickname “Music city” is well deserved, but food too is a pleasant surprise. Here are my adventures during my 48 hours stay there. Versione in italiano When we arrived in Nashville on an August night, it took us a second to get in the music mood. Our airbnb was […]

Chasing dead bodies in Toraja

My adventure with menhirs, boat-shaped houses, breathtaking landscapes, banquets and selfies at a funeral… and chasing dead bodies in houses! Versione in italiano Toraja is a region of Sulawesi – one of the least touristic islands in Indonesia – with a culture unique in the world, built around the worship of the dead, meaning of the […]