8 things to do in a weekend in Lisbon, Portugal

Are you thinking of a spending a few days in Lisbon, great choice! Lisbon is one of the most beautiful European capitals. I recommend you some things to do!

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Go to Belem tower

Belem tower is one of the most representative monuments of the city, it is located in the west part. Besides the chance to take photos and selfies, you can relax under the trees in the lawn in front, admiring the vintage plane and have a nice piña colada made in front of you by digging a pineapple.

Try pastel de nata

The iconic pastry of Portugal, which will gain you at the first bite. It is a crunchy puff pastry with egg cream. Chose your side in the dispute about which one is best. Start with Pastéis de Belém, then Fábrica da Nata and Manteigaria

A glimpse on San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro

From Belem cross the 25 April bridge and you will find yourself in a corner that will make you feel like been overseas!

Here is the monument of Christ King clearly inspired by the one in Rio. But if you turn around you will see that the bridge you crossed looks like San Francisco’s Golden Gate.

Tour the city on tram #28

The tram is arguably the icon of Lisbon (and in fact there are many souvenirs that portray it). Line 28 is famous for being the most scenic and no wonder it is an attraction for tourists. To take a nice ride in peace, go to the Martin Moniz terminus around 8 am and take a seat by the window. You will enjoy the ups and downs, passing next to the cathedral and the viewpoint of the garden of Sāo Pedro de Alcantara, among other spots. The cost is € 2 per trip (you can also return from the Campo Ourique terminus) and is included in the season tickets and Lisbon Card.

Listen to Fado music

Traditional Portuguese music is famous but I have to say it impressed me. Portuguese is a very melodious language – not to mention the most melodious I know – and fado although it is defined as a “sad” song – because it speaks of the difficulties of life and destiny – heard live without understanding the words sounded very pleasant to me. In the Barrio Alto district there are restaurants where artists perform, I have been to Tasca de Noticias. The food was so-so but on a budget we saw two experienced artists with beautiful voices. Enchanting.

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Try food & drink at Time Out Market

To savor the best Portuguese dishes I highly recommend going to the Mercado da Ribeira – branded in Time Out Market – which has about 50 stands, of awarded chefs, sandwiches, desserts, cocktails, wine and much more. The concept is that we have selected the best of the city, and I have to say that unlike other places in Europe where this promise is not kept here I have eaten excellent things. Try the cod dishes by chefs Miguel Castro e Silva and Miguel Sá Pessoa, or the prego sandwich or a pastel de nata by Mantegaria.

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Visit artistic tiles at Museum of Azulejo

I’m not much of a museum kind but the art of azulejo – i.e. decorative tiles in which blue is the master color – is truly wonderful (the facades of some churches in Porto are amazing). At the museum you will see the evolution it has had over the centuries, particularly in the combinations of colors, from only blue to blue and yellow, and how life is represented. On the top floor there is a wall that depicts the entire panorama of Lisbon. They let me in for free with the Lisbon Card even if it was not marked among the museums provided.

Take a drink in Pink Street

Nearby Time Out Market there is a street painted in pink on which there are several places to have a drink, very popular with young people on weekends. The scenery with the colored umbrellas actually makes it a cool spot even during the day for some photos or selfies.

The Portoguese capital has many other beauties and delicacies, such as cod.

Have you been to Lisbon, anything more you liked?

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