The picture-loving monk

U Kon Da La is the 76-years old senior #monk of a monastery near Nyaung Shwe, #Myanmar. He welcomes warmly visitors and encourages them to take #pictures of and with him. He proudly shows a collection of pictures he received from around the world. I can imagine him looking dreamingly at them when the monastery […]

Curious students

In a city where every minute someone stops you to propose you a #bargain, when you hear “Excuse me sir, do you have some time now?” your instinct wants to shout “NO”. But then it turns to be three students willing to practise English and share #Vietnamese culture. Friendly #Hanoi

Portrait: Charly & Katja

Two German girls volunteering as English teachers for adults in Laos. I joined them as guest teacher for one class. #englishteaching #volunteering #teacherforaday

Portrait: Natali

Natali is a Russian advetising photographer now living in Chang Mai, Thailand. She also likes drawing… yes, that’s me in the sketch

Portait: Lina

Lina is a #Korean girl who grew up in Shanghai and New Zealand. On her way to Europe she stopped in #Thailand. Here she is in the historical park in #Ayutthaya, entertaining a passing by group of Thai #schoolgirls #borninternational #supertalkative

Portrait: Nok

Nothing could stop Nok from traveling. Even when undergoing chemoteraphy she managed to. Yes, she is a cancer survivor. But mostly she is a joyful soul determined to find friends all around the world #friendsaroundtheworld #liveyourlife #bangkok

Portrait: Anja

Anja is a Polish girl who lived for 10 months in india. She’s new in Bangkok and wants to start a small business selling Indian incenses and painting henna tattoos #worldcitizen #freespirit