English class

The English calss in Laos where I was guest professor


Tilapia fish, very common in Mekiong river

Long term consequences

From 1964 to 1973 the United States of America dropped 270 million cluster #bombs over #Laos. 40 years after about 100 people every year still die or are seriously injuried (losing arms and legs) by unexplosed bombs. #War is often motivated by short term politics. WAR ALWAYS HAS LONG TERM CONSEQUENCES. #dontforget #dontbelievetheirbullshit

Time perception

“This table football looks so old. Is it from the seventies?” “It’s only six years old!” Easy to go wrong on vintage in Laos

Portrait: Charly & Katja

Two German girls volunteering as English teachers for adults in Laos. I joined them as guest teacher for one class. #englishteaching #volunteering #teacherforaday