Are Japanese restaurants in Thailand like Italian ones in Germany?

Japanese restaurants are very popular in Thailand. You can find a wide range of food (ramen, sushi, udon etc.), formats (à la carte, grill, buffet) and prices. Shopping malls are packed with Japanese restaurants – often part of chains – and Thais seem to like them very much. This made me instantly think that they may stand here for what Italian restaurant do in Germany.

Versione in italiano

But after I had Japanese with Thai people a couple of times, I had the feeling there’s more in common.

Lrisotto setet me say I’ve never been to Japan and had Japanese food mainly in Italy, so I admit that I might not be the right person to say that, but I shouldn’t get wrong when saying that Japanese cuisine in Thailand seems not always in line with the tradition.

I mean, I found here:

  • sushi with mayonnaise, cocktail and peanut sauce
  • udon with tomato sauce (“Italian style”)
  • risotto rice – in a self cooking kit btw (see picture aside)

When Italians go to Germany and see in so-called Italian restaurant stuff like pineapple pizza and carbonara pasta with cream they get mad. (No guys you do NOT eat those things in Italy). I don’t really care but that’s weird for us.

Do a Japanese coming to Thailand feel as disappointed for Japanese food as an Italian for Italian food in Germany? If any Japanese red this please comment!

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