Inspiration: that great feeling when something makes you say "WOW!" I love it! You can learn why here. Enjoy my posts on it and "let's spread inspiration around!"

Travel state of mind: 13 songs for your playlist

Travel is not just about going from A to B. It's a state of mind. Actually, it is a huge variety of states of mind. This is no ordinary post on travel related songs, it's on songs about being a traveler. Get inspired by ...
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Amélie’s lesson: special buddies for your travel pictures

Do you remember the lovely French movie Amélie? The iconic scene was showing a runaway garden gnome sending selfies from around the world. How can this inspire you for taking original pictures in your travels? Read this post to find ...
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8 reasons to love street art

Inspiration, street art
I have a confession to make. I love street art! Before shouting at me, let me say that… – No, It wasn’t me who made that weird skretch on your wall – No, I don’t love writings on monuments, that’s no ...
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