8 reasons to love street art

I have a confession to make. I love street art!
Before shouting at me, let me say that…
– No, It wasn’t me who made that weird skretch on your wall
– No, I don’t love writings on monuments, that’s no art just misrespect
– No, I don’t love any street art. Do anyone love every single drawing or sculpture in a museum?
So YES, I love street art!
And maybe after reading this post you will as well…

Versione in italiano

1. it turns ugly places into beautiful

You can’t deny that some places in towns and cities are aweful. So let’s welcome who brings some color!

A good example from my country are those dull grey electrical boxes that nobody likes. Look at the work of this milanese artist called Pao. It changes a lot, doesn’t it? Even Milan municipality had to aknowledge that and in 2015 launched a contest for painting 150 traffic light control unit boxes.

Electrical box (Snoopy)
Electricla box (Spank)

The piano-stairway in Valparaiso is worth alone a visit to Chile!

2. it makes you smile

Irony is rarely found in our fast and furious cities. It’s so cool when you turn the corner and something unpredictable gives you a smile.

Witty works by Sandrine Estrade BouletSandrine Boulet

Sandrine Boulet (2)

Those yellow traffic barriers are called in Italian slang “panettoni” because their shape recalls a famous Christmas cake. No wonder someone transformed them in a real panettone or even in a cupcake (Urbansolid in Milan, the city where panettone cake was invented). Also you can find cute penguins, again by Pao,
Panettone cake

"Panettone" becomes a cupcake

3. it is in symbiosis with its sourroundings

Sometimes it seems that urban landscape is made for street art instead of the other way around. It just pops up in the right place at right time.

Murals by Natalia Rak and Gabriel Abreu. Just perfect.
Natalia Rak

Gabriel Abreu

Two great works by French artist Oak Oak
Bruce Lee


4. you can interact with it

“Don’t touch”, “pictures not allowed”, “don’t seat here”… Museums rules don’t apply to street art. At the contrary, often it needs your involvment!

Risky stairway on Milan canals (by crackingartgroup)
Phil & the shark

Dangerous ciclying (by Ernest Zacharevich)
Ernest Zacharevich

5. it plays with perception

Street art has the power to change perspective and to enhance paradox. Some guys are genious!

Clet is  a French artist living in Italy. I love his works with street signs.
Clet Abraham

Clet Abraham (2)

Pavements are full of surprises thanks to David Zinn. Little Sluggo is starring in many adventures on Michigan streets, as long as other characters like Philomena, a flying pig.
David Zinn

David Zinn (2)

To – literally – transform perspetive nothing can beat 3D art. An example by Julian Beever and an amazing video.
Julian Beever

6. it delivers strong messages

Graffitis on Berlin wall were the first rebellion to dictatorship. Italian risorgimento patriots were drawing “Viva Verdi” to ask for a free and unite nation. Street art speaks out clear and loud.

Banksy is probably world’s most famous street artist, he is an activist against occupation of Palestine and strongly criticizes Western society model.

The Israeli soldier and the girl

This double mural by MTO is an impactful representation of dramatic migration flows in the Mediterranean sea.
The Mediterranean tunnel

7. it speaks people language

Street art is direct, understandable by anyone. This makes it very close to people, often being… just around the corner.

A couple of example by Spanish Sath and New Yorker Aakash Nihalani

Con tenerdor


8. it takes care of the place

Prejudice says the street artist is a vandal, someone not respecting private property. Are you sure?

Houses restored with lego bricks. A project started in Bocchignano, a small village around Rome, which spread around the globe.
A project started in th town of Bacchignano, near Rome
A project who spread around the world

In the Mexican city of Pachuca, in order to fight violence and decay, a youth organisation called Germen Crew involved young loclas in filling with color the whole neighborhood. Here’s the result.
germen crew-pachuca

Bonus: it makes you visit non-touristic neighborhoods and towns

Some masterpieces have to be seen in real, wherever they are. And can you say no to the pleasure of discovery?

Where is this mural? Soon I’ll go to look for it… follow me on my blog.
Girl mural

=> UPDATE 30-01-2016: I got there, see here for knowing where!

So, did I convince you? Have you other reasons to love street art?
Leave a comment!

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  1. Great article. I especially enjoy the “lego- solution”. If only we saw more street art, more colour in our cities, and more irony on our daily walk to work, i’m sure we see a whole new population of happy people 🙂

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