2 weeks independent in Iran (4 of 4: organisation and cost)

In this last part, I explain some organizational aspects and cost for 2 weeks independent in Iran.
Read before all the stages:
Tehran + Shiraz
Yazd + Verzaneh
Isfahan + Kashan + Qom

Versione in italiano


Read here all about taxi, snapp!, bus, metro and plane.
I summarize now the main points:
– use the VIP buses to move between the city and internal flight to Shiraz;
– for short journeys (2-3 hours) or excursions taxis are a good alternative
– use snapp! app for urban transport, in Tehran also the metro.

Now I will list the transportation and costs between the main locations.

Milan -> Tehran
Ukranian Airlines (stopover in Kiev): 360 € round trip (in August)
Tehran -> Shiraz
Plane from Tehran Mehrabad with local flight: 50 € per person (1h)
Shiraz -> Persepolis
Taxi: 1 million rials (8 €) for the whole day
Shiraz -> Yazd
Bus from Shiraz Karandish terminal: 4 € (7h)
Yazd -> Verzaneh
Taxi from hotel Yazd to guesthouse Varzaneh (2h and 3/4): 2.2 million rial (8 €)
Verzaneh -> Isfahan
Local bus to Isfahan station (1h 1/2) less than 1 €
Isfahan -> Kashan
VIP Bus from Isfahan Terminal Kaveh: 5 € (2h 1/2)
Kashan -> Abyaneh, Nushabad, Aran va Bidgol
Taxi: 1/2 million rials (4 €) for the whole day
Kashan -> Qom
VIP Bus: 3 € (1h)
Qom -> Tehran
Bus: 2 € (1h and 1/2)


We booked almost everything before leaving, to avoid bringing too much cash (no western credit cards work to Iran).
We spent between € 20 and € 30 a night for a double room, medium level with air conditioning and private bathroom.
in Tehran, Heritage hostel (in a private room). It was fine, quite new. A more central hostel in Tehran I’ve been recommended is See You in Iran. On our last night we stayed at the Pasargad hotel, an old but well-kept room.
in Shiraz, Roodaki hotel. Nice room but small. The staff spoke very little English.
in Yazd, Traditional Kohan hotel. The courtyard is gorgeous and there is a nice roof top view. The room was quite comfortable and very spacious.in Verzaneh, Negaar house. Room a little uncomfortable, good food, sociable owner. Plus is the desert tours. We tried the “spa treatment”, an experience I would leave to the daring.
in Isfahan, Pars Hotel. Excellent location, good room, attentive staff.
in Kashan, Noh Cham Traditional hotel. Uncomfortable room and really passive staff.
For booking we used the Iranian website 1stQuest (with the code BOA-QST you will get a 10% discount). Sites like booking.com don’t work for Iran.

Food and other expenses

Food and drink are extremely cheap in Iran. I will make a dedicated post on the subject.
A full meal costs from 2-e € to 10-12 € up to a maximum of 25 € in the fanciest restaurant in Shiraz, and the price is not necessarily an indication of quality. A fresh smoothy costs less than 1/2 euro.



Entrance to almost all public sites (mosque-museums, parks, historic buildings and museums) always cost 200,000 rials.

Summing up

Summing up our holiday in Iran was one of the best value for money ever.

The two of us spent less than 2,000 € (i.e. less than 1,000 € each), considering all the expenses.
By dividing them we get: 1/3 flight from Europe, 1/3 accommodation and transport, 1/3 food and souvenirs.

In short, Iran is must-go a destination. Bon voyage!

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