Hi, I’m Phil. Welcome to The Butterfly Hunter!

This is not an ordinary travel blog.
It’s a lot about Inspiration.
But don’t expect advices about where to go...

Inspirations are like colorful butterflies, they can fly around you at any time and fill you with wonder.

The Butterfly Hunter



Lear about my 7 challanges around Southeast Asia







Travel state of mind: 13 songs for your playlist

Travel is not just about going from A to B. It's a state of mind. Actually, it is a huge variety of states of mind. This is no ordinary post on travel related songs, it's on songs about being a traveler. Get inspired by ... Read More



3 must try foods in Philadelphia

A traditional snack, an iconic sandwich and today’s coolest mashup. Three reasons to eat your way in Philadelphia. Versione in italiano Philly is an interesting city one of the richest in history around North America. The declaration of independence from ... Read More

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Be a tourist or a traveler?

What’s the difference between being a tourist and a traveler? Organized vs independent travel. Scheduled tours vs unplanned roaming. Yes, sure. But this is not the point. Versione in italiano After we met, Marie and I spent three amazing days ... Read More


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